Dragonfly: Open letter to Google

Dragonfly: A open letter to Google, which is signed by nearly 300 employees, is asking the search company to abandon its efforts to create the Dragonfly censorship requires China to show Google in the country.


"Providing the Chinese government with easy access to user data, as required by Chinese law, will make Google a partner in repression and human rights violations," says the letter from the Google Employees Against Dragonfly team.

Our opposition to Dragonfly is not about China: We are protesting for technologies that help the powerful oppress the vulnerable, wherever they may be.

The team said many of them work at Google because the company was "willing to put its values ​​above its profits", and that they value Google's 2010 decision not to censor search results in China. However, they believe this is no longer the case.

Referring to the change in company values, they recalled the Pentagon's AI project is called Maven. This project did not proceed due to the reaction of thousands of company employees.

“We call on the leadership to commit to transparency, clear communication and genuine accountability. Google is too strong not to be responsible, ”the letter says.


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