Dream Security by Ex-Chancellor Kurz & NSO's Hulio

The former Federal Chancellor of Austria, Sebastian Kurz, has just founded a security company called Dream Security with Shalev Hulio, according toa with the Israeli Globes.

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Shalev Hulio is one of the founders of NSO Group – which develops and distributes Pegasus spyware.

According to the report, Shalev Hulio, along with Omri Lavie and Niv Karmi, left the NSO Group 12 years after its founding. Start-up Dream Security is a company focused on cyber security for critical infrastructure – gas, oil and water facilities – to protect them from ransomware and terrorist attacks.

Shalev Hulio thus moves from the field of cyber attacks to cyber security. Recall that the controversial Pegasus spyware developed by NSO Group was used against politicians, dissidents and journalists.

Shalev Hulio brought on board former Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz. Kurz was forced to resign in 2021 when Austrian prosecutors began investigating allegations that the politician used taxpayer money to rig media polls promoting his political rise. Kurz, after his resignation went to the US and worked there as a global manager at billionaire Peter Thiel's Thiel Capital LLC, according to German media.

Kurz met Israeli Shalev Hulio on a trip to Israel while looking for startups to invest. At the newly formed company Dream Security, Kurz reportedly holds the position of “President and Vice President of Business Development” and states in his resume:

"In my time as chancellor, I have seen many attacks on governments, factories and energy utilities, most of which did not make it into the media."

Therefore, it seems that they will rely heavily on political contacts for the company's openings in Europe.

Also on board is Gil Dolev, formerly of Adallom, the NSO and the Office of the Prime Minister of Israel. The new security company has raised $20 million from multiple investors led by Dovi Frances. The company is not expected to become a limited liability company until early November when it opens its offices in the German Templar colony in Sharona (a restaurant and nightlife district in Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Israel).

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