droidconGreece The Rise of Minos 24-25 / 9 / 2019 Heraklion

Η .droidconGreece returns to Greece, this time on the island of Crete at 23-25 September!

Η .droidcon is the world's largest developer conferencing network bringing together top experts in the field, focused exclusively on the progress of the Android platform.


Η .droidcon through its events in 22 countries enchant a global network with more than 25.000 developers. The first Xdrox congress hosted 2009 in Berlin, since then it has expanded its influence around the world and has established itself as a model form of community-centered congress.

Η .droidcon is the perfect place to meet the international community of Android, learn from experienced speakers, dive into the latest Android developments and explore cutting-edge technologies.

If you are serious about developing your skills, building strong connections and success… then you should be attending a .droidcon event.

The conference consists of speeches and workshops on core Android development, Testing and Optimization , Business driven solutions, better safety, automotive / connected cars, AI and Machine Learning, solutions payments through mobile devices, smart domestic solutions, devices (eg wearables), IoT, UX/UI And much more!

In Greece it will be held in the weekly Singularity Festival, to be done at HERACLION, Crete from 23 to September 29 2019.

For more information on .droidconGreece: https://droidcon.gr

Are you interested to become a speaker: Submit your suggestion here: https://sessionize.com/droidconGR/


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