Drone helps Christmas decorations

Do you think you have seen or imagined everything a drone can do? Probably you do not have as much imagination as you need for Christmas festive days.


Of course the truth is that no one is going to buy one drone in order to help her in Christmas decoration and even in the decoration of the tree.

But market needs to increase sales force imaginative sellers to continually invent new features, uses and tricks for dronnes.

Our new trick came from DJI Phantom 4, which decorates a tall Christmas tree in the video at the end of this article.

Indeed, in order to get into the climate of the days and to convince of his intentions and abilities, the they called Christmas Drône. According to the sales company, this can decorate your tree, fly around snow or flush mistletoe.

At first we laughed when we saw it but then we said why not? Why not scatter across the house fake snow in the evening with the change of time? As for the problem who wipes the next day, we see. Merry Christmas to all!!!


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