Drone vs soccer

The issue of the harassment that drones make has become dimensioned on the internet. Every week we will have at least one episode with an angry man who puts them in a drone.

ball drone

They usually shoot them, they hunt their operators, we have seen them and they catch them with a hook for fishing. But today it rather fits with the incredible and enchanting techniques we see from time to time on Youtube. However seldom we see such anxiety.

The soccer player you will see is studying at Rosmini College in New Zealand. The ball that he threw with his foot was flawless and managed to succeed a passing one DJI Phantom 3 drone. The quadcopter shot the game before the ball landed abruptly near the vertical bar.

It is difficult to understand both because of the angle of view and the wide-angle lens, how high was the drone to score the player's mark.

The question is: true, did he want to do it and target the quadriceps or was it an unexpected success? Did he also have no purpose to lower down that he was flying and just was an unfortunate juncture?

Watch the video below:

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