Dropbox added Universal 2nd Factor connection lock

Dropbox today announced that it has a new security feature for all its users. The new feature will make end-user experience in Cloud storage much safer, since Dropbox has provided a new Universal 2nd Factor security plug-in as a complementary method for two-step verification. dropbox universal 2nd factor

This means that users of the service will be able to use USB keys as a two-factor connection verification in the Dropbox.

Security keys are a much easier way to connect to dropbox.com. After entering your password, you put the key to the USB port when prompted.

The method, albeit similar to the one it uses, is much easier to use, since you do not have to worry about the battery being run on your device.

To set this two-way connection method you will need a special USB that is compatible with the FIDO Alliance open standard and is called FIDO Universal 2nd Factor.

Settings are available today in your Dröpbox account, along with similar U2F-enabled services.

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