DuckDuckGo more privacy with Apple maps

Η searching machine DuckDuckGo announced yesterday that it started using it MapKit JS framework Apple.

The change is already available for desktop and mobile devices that use DuckDuckgo for their searches.

What does this mean;


DuckDuckGo reports two main benefits of change: the first of course is to improve privacy and a better mapping functionality.

Yes, the change essentially flies the OpenStreetMap maps used by the company for the Apple mapping service. All searches for addresses, locations, local businesses, business types or nearby locations will now come from the MapKit JS framework.

DuckDuckGo as you may know is a search engine investing in privacy. This played an important role in the decision to change the mapping service.

The company says in its announcement that all IP addresses of users or any other personal data are not shared with Apple or any other third party.

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