DuckDuckGo create a QR code for any site

In addition to offering better privacy than the major search engines, DuckDuckGo has several interesting features.

Did you know that you can create a QR code for any Duckduckgo website?

Creating a QR code in Duckduckgo is very simple.

Open it searching machine and enter in the search box the command: QR
Replace "" with the address you want to create the QR code.
Press Enter and Duckduckgo will automatically generate a small QR code above the search results.

You can use it right away, save it, copy it or share it with other users just like any other image.

Note that modern browsers today have built-in QR code generators. They allow you to create a QR with a single click without having to open another website.

So for example you can create a QR code in Microsoft Edge using the flag edge: // flags / # sharing-qr-code-generator while in Google Chrome the flag chrome: // flags / # sharing-qr-code-generator.

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