DuckDuckGo Lite speed and safety for everyone

DuckDuckGo Lite is a small web application (website), which does not use excessive resources on your system for a search on DuckDuckGo. So according to the developers the Light application is very fast.

DuckDuckGo Lite

Users of DuckDuckGo use the search engine to protect their privacy, but also for the functionality it provides. The main DuckDuckGo website works fine on desktops and mobile devices, but in addition to the search box it displays ads, images or news
and other information.

Search results are not as "contaminated" with ads as Google results and DuckDuckGo reports that does not follow you through ads.

DuckDuckGo users looking for something lighter can try DuckDuckGo Lite. The tiny DuckDuckGo Lite homepage displays only one search field and the equally tiny results pages display only the results (and a search box).

The overall page size has been significantly reduced. The entire homepage is less than 5 Kilobytes in size while the normal homepage is up to 1 Megabyte. The search results page is just as tiny, it has a size of about 33 Kilobytes depending on the results while the normal page reaches 2 Megabytes with the search results.

The DuckDuckGo Light application executes fewer requests when you load the homepage or search results, while the regular DuckDuckgo page runs more than 50 times more requests.

The Google Search homepage is about 1,9 Megabytes, and the result pages vary depending on the ads and content. But usually they start at 2 and reach 3 Megabytes. Google handles more than 100 requests on search results pages.

The lite version of DuckDuckGo is ideal for systems with low resources or for slow and unreliable Internet.
Of course, it can also be used by new systems and fast Internet, as the results appear quickly and without hundreds of ads.

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