DuckieTV automatically finds and downloads your favorite series

DuckieTV is an application that works on almost all operating systems: Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome. It searches for and downloads automatically on your hard drive, your favorite TV shows with torrents every time you encounter a new episode. DuckieTV

The application comes completely free and works the same way on all major desktop platforms. Run it and ask you to add the rows of interest to you.

DuckieTV will populate a custom calendar accordingly and download any new stuffsoybeans.trending

You can use any torrent client and DuckieTV will work perfectly with him.
The application can be configured to search on the most popular websites like Kickass Torrents and automatically download any new episode.
Of course it gives you the ability to do it by hand. To explain this, there is an integrated search that filters the torrents.

So you can search for HD or Full HD, language of the series and more.

You can add all these settings as default options to download as you wish without adjustments. Last and very important, the application supports subtitles.

Download the application

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