Duolingo 2.6 million accounts on hacking forum

The personal information of more than 2,6 million users of the popular language learning app Duolingo has been leaked. The Duolingo breach led to the publication of leaked data on a hacking forum, posing serious risks to affected users.


The leaked data concerns personal information from Duolingo's user database. Attackers gained access to sensitive user information such as usernames, email addresses and encrypted passwords.

User X (formerly Twitter) FalconFeedsio shared a screenshot by that sells the information it obtained in the Duolingo breach.

This report raises concerns about the potential misuse of the leaked information for various malicious activities, such as targeted phishing attacks.

Affected users face an increased risk of falling victim to phishing and theft attempts s.

With email addresses in the hands of criminals, compromised users may begin receiving deceptive messages designed to steal further personal information or spread malware.

If you have an account on the service, it would be a good idea to immediately change your password and use Two-factor authentication (2FA).

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