Duplicate Word Finder: Find repeated words in text

Duplicate Word Finder is a free tool that helps you find duplicate and triple words in your text and correct bad syntax.

duplicate word finder

Repeated words in articles and in general in your texts are capable of making your work appear unprofessional. We often ignore it, but when someone reads such a text, repeated words make your article less amateurish.

Most grammar checking applications ignore this point. They will correct your spelling mistakes but not point out your clumsiness. So Duplicate Word Finder, a completely free web application, can help you find and sort duplicate words in your text and change them.

It is completely free and does not require registration. To try it, go to the website https://duplicateword.com/.

Then replace the existing text with your own. It works with a simple paste.

It will immediately show the duplicate words in your written text. Each duplicate word will have a specific color to make your work easier.

You have the option to set the number of characters for repeated words. By default it searches for words with 4 characters or more, but you can lower this limit.

You can tell it to look for duplicate words or words that are repeated three or more times.

It can also see which word is repeated the most and least times. And yes, you can edit the repeated words on the site itself.

From its menu, if you mark Spell check it will also show you your spelling mistakes, supporting Greek.

The best thing is that you can use it on both mobile phones and computers. Thus, it is easier to access for most users.

This web application can only help you to find the repeated or duplicate words. You can edit your text online, but the site won't give you alternative words.

In summary, Duplicate Word Finder can be a useful tool for you if you regularly write articles or anything else and want to make it look more professional.

Just copy and paste your text and the tool will immediately detect the repeated words in it. The tool is only limited to identifying and categorizing repeated words and does not provide alternatives.

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