Package tracking capabilities within your Gmail

Η Google προσθέτει λειτουργίες παρακολούθησης πακέτων (package tracking) στο Gmail, οι οποίες θα σας διευκολύνουν να δείτε πού βρίσκονται οι παραγγελίες σας με μια ματιά ενώ κάνετε κύλιση στα email σας.

package delivery

In a blog post on Wednesday, the company he says that you'll start seeing "simple, useful tracking and delivery information for your package delivered directly to your inbox" in the coming weeks.

Gmail will show you the delivery date in your email list for any shipping email, so you don't have to open the message and click on a tracking link to figure out when to expect the package.

However, if you open the email, you will see a card with much more detailed information.

For now, when the new feature becomes available, you'll be able to turn it on from a notification that will appear in your inbox or through settings.

Google says Gmail will also be able to notify you when a package is late and show the order email at the top of your inbox. This feature appears to be coming later “in the coming months”.

Amazon products will not be compatible with the feature because the notification emails do not include tracking information. They also do not disclose which products have been shipped. The Best Technology Site in Greece
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