Dyson has filed a patent for a headphone with fresh air

Dyson specializes in home cleaning and ventilation equipment, such as vacuum cleaners, fans, etc. It seems that it has decided to enter the electronic sector as it has filed a patent with headphones that act not only as music but also as an air purifier on your face.


In a patent set looks almost like an April Fool's joke, Dyson describes a pair of headphones with air filters built into its speakers. In addition, it has a second airway that is either on your head or folds down and passes in front of your mouth to blow fresh air on your face.

The patent states that the headphones - air purifier, will have propellers that will rotate at 12.000 rpm. and will pump 1,4 liters of air per second to filter out particles such as dust and bacteria. The purified air is then injected at the height of the mouth, providing you with fresh air to breathe.

Although it is difficult for us to imagine what sales such a machine will have in Greece, air quality worries many residents in many places, especially in Asian markets. Obviously in overcrowded cities, such as Hong Kong, Beijing, etc., which do not have the luxury of balconies, it could have a vital place in headphone sales.

It is already common to see in Asian countries, people wearing surgical masks, so a pair of headphones with simultaneous air purification is not something completely outrageous. In Greece there is not yet such a big problem, and in addition Greeks are accustomed to suffocating situations in their entertainment. After all, it does not fit to listen to her Bossu to sing "I have suffocatingly filled the room with smoke upstairs and my time laughs like a baby" and breathe fresh air.

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