The Jeep Electric Mountain Bike is available for $ 5.899

Jeep is accepting pre-orders for the new electric mountain bike it plans to launch in June 2020. It costs only US $ 5.899.


If you want to own the new Jeep e-bike you can now pre-order it…. provided you have deep pockets. Jeep has started to receive pre-orders for the electric mountain bike from today March 1, 2020. The cost? Only $ 5.899,00

And yet, this is not an unheard of price, as Mountain bikes often cost much more, but it may come as a surprise if you are used to the cost of an electric bike that simply has thick tires.

As for the price of Jeep, there may be good reasons. The 750W motor can match the company name and climb like its cars. The post, however, is Fire-Link and will help you handle rocky paths with some grace. The range of 40 miles (about 64 kilometers) is not bad.

It seems that the company has high expectations. Like many automakers, it extends to options that go beyond the usual car sales. He obviously wants to win over typical Jeep buyers who want an e-bike for their nature excursions.

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