Observation of the Earth from space for students, young researchers & professionals

An event attended by prominent personalities from space technology will launch the weekly educational program on "Earth Observation from Space" for schoolchildren, young researchers & professionals.earth-observation-from-space Space

The opening event will take place on Monday 7.12.2015, 14: 00-18: 00 at Harokopio University (El. Venizelou 70, 17676 Kallithea). Keynote speakers of the event will be the pioneering researcher and world-renowned scholar Dr. Stamatis Krimizis, his President and General Manager NSA, Prof. Kanaris Tsiganos, Professor of Space Physics of the University of Athens, Ioannis Daglis, Lecturer of Geography and Earth Sciences ECDC Apostolia Galani, her Research Advisor ESA, Chris Stewart.

At the beginning of the event, Prof. Dimosthenis Anagnostopoulos, Rector of Harokopio, Prof. Thomas Maloutas, General Secretary of Research and Technology, Prof. Vasilios Makios, General Manager of Corallia, Jorge Sanchez, Member of the Si-Cluster Board, Thanasis Potsis, President of EBIDITE and Mr. Evangelos Veronikias, Chief Executive Officer of Terra Spatium.

The inaugural event is open to the public and is open to all those interested in space technologies and applications. The participation in the event requires pre-registration through the following link:


The training program organizes the Si-Cluster, coordinated by Corallia and EBIDITE, and Charokopio University, supported by ESA and Terra Spatium and sponsors MyMarket, Lancom, Planetek Hellas.

The purpose of the Program is to inform students, young researchers and professionals about Earth Observation and Earth Observation programs and applications. The data to be presented at the seminars is a contribution from ESA and several 3rd Party Missions.

The occasion is the World Space Week and the celebrations for 10 years of Greece's participation in the European Space Agency.

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