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EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard 12.9: We live in a time when computers are everywhere. We use them for school, in the office to store personal files and for most of us, they are indispensable in our everyday lives.

This does not mean that computers do not cause us any problems. The fact that most of us depend on computers but also on data storage can cause us problems. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

This happens when we lose the data stored on our computers, which can happen for many different reasons: malware attacks or system malfunctions. So the loss of valuable data is a nightmare for all those involved.

Data is lost forever?

Suppose your computer was attacked by a virus that destroyed all of your files or erased your entire storage space. Does this mean you've lost your data forever?

No! In fact, all you need is a data recovery software. What does this software do? will discover your lost / deleted files.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

Professional services are very expensive. So before you think about trying something that you will have difficulty paying, in most cases it is recommended to use a free data recovery software. Among the various options available, EaseUS recovery software manages to efficiently find different types of data.

Main features of EaseUS recovery software.

Recovering different types of lost data

Usually, free software does not offer many services. At most, recover accidentally deletions from the recycle bin.
However, in the case of EaseUS, free software allows you to retrieve a wide variety of data such as images, audio files or documents. No matter how you lost the data, the application will allow you to retrieve it all and quickly.

Fast and deep scans

Different problems require different solutions. Sometimes a quick scan can allow you to retrieve your data very easily. In other cases, a more complete solution is needed. This software has both features. You can choose a quick scan and find files in seconds, and if you do not find what you are looking for, you can choose deep scans that may take longer but are more thorough. In the second case, your hardware scans a mattress layer to extract all lost and deleted data.

Quick and simple application

The best of EaseUS is how easy it is to use it. There is no complicated environment that only specialized users can understand but a simple interface and scanning process. All you need to do is just a click and you're done.

Support for multiple devices

You can use the software to extract lost data from USB, camcorders, music players and Pen Drives to portable or regular computers. So the software is practical in all types of data loss, and for too many devices.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free and Pro

Easily retrieve your basics with EaseUS data recovery software. You will not be disappointed by the results. By the way, the EaseUS offers a discount of 50% for the Pro version.


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