EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free 10.8 Review

The EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free is considered one of the best applications for retrieving your data. Its well-known Data Recovery application EaseUS comes in many different versions that make it functional on every platform.

Today we will try it Free (που είναι και as its name indicates. The corresponding application in the release Data Recovery Wizard Pro costing 70 dollars while Data Recovery Wizard Pro along with WinPE costing 100 dollars. The Data Recovery Wizard Technician, which is targeted at professionals, captures 500 dollars.EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free 10.8 Review

The program is able to restore any deleted files to a system. It can also read discs that are no longer recognizable, and if you have accidentally deleted an apartment, do not panic, the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard can restore it.

The Setup Apply will warn you not to select the drive from which you want to retrieve files as part of the installation:

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free 10.8 Review

In the following you can see all the files that can be recovered by the app, but also two points that I have circled with a red line.

What do the red boxes mean:

The free version of the app allows you to recover only 500MB + 1,5 GB if you share that you are using it on social networks, Facebook, Twitter and Google+. This means that if the data you are interested in recovering is more than 2 GB you will need to purchase one use.
Το καλό στην όλη υπόθεση είναι ότι η εφαρμογή μπορεί να σκανάρει και να εμφανίσει τα δεδομένα που ανακάλυψε. Έτσι θα είστε τουλάχιστον σε θέση να επιβεβαιώσετε ότι το πρόγραμμα μπορεί να δει τα χαμένα σας αρχεία πριν πληρώσετε για μια full .

The application enables you to create a disk image as a copy of your corrupted disk. Then you can edit the image, not your regular disk, reducing the chance of destroying data from a mistake or some awkward manipulation.

Once EASEUS has located your files, it will display them using the full filenames. If the list is long you can "sort" by name to search more easily what you need.

The application works in any version of Windows from 2000 and supports file systems FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS and EXT2 / EXT3. It can recover data from hard drives, USB, memory cards and more.

It is a very functional and easy app even for beginners which will unearth your lost data in three moves according to the company.

Έρχεται με πολλά χαρακτηριστικά και πολλές λειτουργίες ανάκτησης δεδομένων. Προσέχει για την ς σας δίνοντας σας τη δυνατότητα ς of the disc.

In the negative, we would like to say that we would like to see the EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard a bit faster on recovery operations.

Try the application

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