Easter Egg in Google search with cats and dogs

There is one Egg on the Google search site that appears when you search for the words “Cat” or “Neko” or “Dog”. It cutely shows a leg of the animal along with the sound

cat neko dog google 2

It seems that over there at Google they are animal lovers, since from August 2022 and on the dates we celebrate World Days and dog respectively, Google put cute Easter Eggs for them.

If you want to see them all you have to do is open the website google.gr ή Google com in your browser and search for the word:

  • “cat” or “neko” if you want to see the Easter Egg for cats
  • "dog" or "dog" if you want to see the Easter Egg for cats

Once the search page opens, you will notice a small animation near the information section for the animal you searched for, which is on the right side of the page.

You will also see a small cat paw or a small dog paw hovering and pressing a round button, orange for cat and purple for dog.

cat neko dog google


To reveal the Easter Egg, you need to click on the colored button, e.g. where the cat steps, above the orange button.

Once you click on the image, a cute meow will play and a big cat paw will appear on your computer screen.

Now you can start playing. Click anywhere within the search page and the cat's paw will appear, leave a footprint and hear a meowing sound.

If you try to click on the same spot several times and many cat tracks will appear on your computer screen.

cat neko dog google 2

Similar things will happen if you search with the word "dog".

To stop playing with Google easter egg, you can click the gray “Close (X)” button located at the bottom of the search page, or you can also simply close the tab or refresh it. Once you click the Close button, an animation with a tap sound plays on the screen.

Google also allows users to share this easter egg. Click on the “Share” icon given next to the Close button and you will get a link to share with friends.

You can also share the “ egg” on social networking sites using the direct links of Facebook, of given in the Share dialog box.

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