Do you have anything to post? Send it to Your Post added a platform for sending posts by the public. Over the years we have noticed that many of our readers have incredible knowledge of the subject matter of the page.

With the new platform you can share your knowledge with all of us. The new feature works very simply.
Choose a name that you want to appear as the author of the post, enter an email, add the title and write the text you want.
Then click on upload and the post will be saved as a draft.


  • The email should be real so we can contact you in case we need clarification. If you want to remain anonymous use a temporary email service.
  • You can not upload images for security reasons. If you need to add images you can upload them to a free service and send us the links. Of course you can also send us the images by email (info [at] iguru [dot] gr) which will state the title of the post.
  • You can use your nickname or even your real name.

Your Post

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