Do you have a Google Account? Do you have OCR in Greek.

You may not know it but Google along with Google Docs offers free OCR for the Greek language as well.

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Alternatives to the free online OCR solution that we presented to you here, are also Google's online services.

If you are away from your computer and your files, try Google Drive OCR features. Sign in with your Google Account to access Google Drive and work seamlessly with Google Docs' built-in OCR program, which can recognize text from JPEG, PNG, GIF and PDF files. But all files must be 2 MB or less and the text must be 10 pixels or larger.

Google Drive can also automatically detect the language in scanned files, although the accuracy of non-Latin characters may not be high enough. Let's see the process:

Step 1: Sign in to your Google Drive account.
Step 2: Click New> Upload Files. Alternatively, you can also click My Drive> Upload Files.
Step 3: Browse the files on your computer, highlight the file (s) you want to convert from PDF or image to text, and click the Open button to upload the file.
Step 4: The document is now in your Google Drive. Right-click the document and click Open with> Google Docs.

ocr google drive

Google will automatically convert your PDF file or image to OCR text and open it in a new Google Document.

The text is editable and you can correct the parts where the OCR failed to read them correctly.
Step 5: You can download the refined document in multiple formats supported by Google Drive. Select from the File menu> Download as.

So simple!!

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