Edge 91 changes the default browser and browser

Another attempt by Microsoft to make Edge the default browser with Bing as the default search engine.

Apparently Microsoft started showing alerts to Edge 91 to "use recommended browser settings" when you first start the updated browser in Windows 10.

browser settings

A small pop-up box titled "Help from Microsoft" appears on the new tab page, stating that you need to use Microsoft Edge with Bing as the default search engine for better "performance, privacy and productivity".

As you can see in the image above, there are two options: Use the recommended browser settings (Microsoft Edge with Bing) and Do not update your browser settings.

If you click on the first option, your taskbar or screen will flash and the default browser will change to Microsoft Edge (with Bing).

This is annoying, of course, but the alert only appears once. In some cases, some report that even if they decline the offer, the browser does not respect their decision and will continue to display notifications after the Edge restarts.

How to turn off the "use browser default" notification in Microsoft Edge

If you still see the alert in Microsoft Edge, there is a flag that you can turn off.

  • Open Microsoft Edge and the internal edge: // flags address.
  • Search for flag edge-show-feature-recommendations
  • Set its flag value to "disabled".
  • and restart Microsoft Edge



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