Edge Canary offers the Sharing Hub

The new Sharing Hub is now available in addition to Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge Canary.

edge canary 92

A few days ago, Google released a new Canary version of Chrome, with a new experimental flag that allows something called "Sharing Hub". Because Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome use the same engine, Sharing Hub is now available in Edge, Canary.

The Sharing Hub on the Edge is an address bar button that combines many functions related to link copy, QR code generation, page saving, and page forwarding. If you use Edge Canary to try out the new features first, you can now access the Sharing Hub, as long as you enable it from flags.

edge canary 92 hub 2

Similar to Google Chrome, to enable Sharing Hub in Microsoft Edge, you must enable some experimental flags. The following instructions apply to Windows, macOS, and Linux.

1. Update Microsoft Edge Canary to version 92.0.900.0.
2. go to edge: // flags.
3. Use the search field to find the following two flags: Desktop Sharing Hub Menu and Desktop Sharing Hub in Omnibox
4. Activate both flags restart the program for the changes to take effect.

edge canary 92 hub

With the Sharing Hub enabled in Microsoft Edge, you can click the button that looks like a right arrow in the address bar. You will see a list of commands similar to Google Chrome.

Microsoft plans to ship the Edge 92 to all users by the week of July 22, 2021. There is no information on whether it will include the new Sharing Hub or not. Often new features remain hidden behind experimental flags for a long time until Microsoft decides to enable them by default.

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