Edge with Chromium: What to Expect?

Microsoft has decided to adopt this Chromium on the Edge. No, this is not a joke, and of course it raises questions. "Why do we need an Edge with Chromium and not download Chrome better?"

But there is also the opposite question:

"Why use Chrome when there is an Edge powered by Chromium?"

If you think of the reasons you do not use Edge, you'll find one very important: Microsoft's browser did not have the extensions that Chrome has, and of course nobody wants to give up its favorite extensions.Edge

Just like when Firefox competed with Internet Explorer, users fell in love with all third-party add-ons, and I think for many, choosing a browser is directly linked to whether it supports extensions.

I'm not talking about users who do not know what a browser does and just press the "blue e" that goes to "google".
These are probably the reason why when Microsoft released Edge the logo was similar to what it used for Internet Explorer. The same users are likely and the reason the upcoming Edge with Chromium will not change name or logo.

Microsoft naturally expects it will be very easy for developers to customize Chrome extensions to Edge. Details do not exist until now, but most Chrome extensions will work. So too many will be the ones who can try Edge if it offers the variety of Chrome extensions.

Why; We should mention that there is a big deal about Chrome, mainly because it is so dominant in the market where Google does very often what it wants (Chrome has the 63,60% of the market share in computer browsers, according to Net Applications). But the last headache came up because Google still does not understand the problem it is creating:

Chrome 69 has tried to "simplify" the way it manages Google's web links, by linking Chrome to the same account. So if you try to sign out, either from Chrome or from any Google site, you'll be disconnected from both.

This has led to massive reactions from Chrome users because they were worried that Google, in addition to Chrome synchronization, was tracking their browsing history.

With the release of Chrome 70, Google added an option to disable the interface of the web pages with the Chrome account.

Behaviors such as these, and many other things Google does as a company whose mother-in-law earns all of its advertising money, give us too many reasons not to use another product that aims to further our watch. Since Chrome extensions will work on Edge, why not Edge?

In its announcement for Chromium Edge, Microsoft promised to update its browser separately from Windows 10. Recall that Edge was updated every six months, along with major releases of Windows 10. But six months is a long time for a browser that constantly needs compatibility fixes, security updates, performance enhancements and new features. (Chrome and Firefox are updated every six weeks.)

So, even if I do not use Chrome (or Edge), I will re-think a test on the upcoming Edge, since it will have Chrome extensions and frequent updates. Naturally right after the transformation of the browser, Microsoft will have to constantly offer new reasons to keep those who try the new Edge.
Edge, in addition to new features, should focus on where Google is hurting. It will probably not be that much of a surprise if we see improvements that focus on protecting the privacy of the end user.

Of course the competition will be great: Google will not stop developing Chrome.
But with a market share that reaches 4%, Microsoft has nothing to lose.


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