Edge with Chromium leaked the first version

Edge with Chromium: A weekend release of the first version of Microsoft's new browser using Chromium was leaked.

The release is of course not official, and seems to be an experimental build of the new Edge browser. However, if you install it you will get a taste of the application that Microsoft is preparing.Edge

Microsoft announced the project at the end of 2018 that it has decided to replace EdgeHTM with Edge, Chromium, the engine used by Google Chrome and several other browsers.

The company has not yet announced a release date for the upcoming browser, but has said very generally that we will see a preview version at the beginning of 2019.
However, after the leak, we expect Microsoft to release the preview build of the browser much sooner.

The leak came from the Chinese bbs.pcbeta.com forum, and we will soon see the .exe be released everywhere.

The site offers a download link for the Chromium-based Edge version of

Microsoft has promised to keep the Edge look as it is, despite changing the browser to Chromium. The new Edge will support all Google Chrome extensions from the Web Store, but at the same time the company will have its own Store with extensions.


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