Edge comes on all Windows 10 PCs

Months after its initial release, the brings the new Edge που βασίζεται στο Chromium σε όλα τα μέσω ενός Windows .

Microsoft Edge 83 progressively available. What it means;

According to a support document of Windows, all PCs running Windows 10 version 1803 and later will receive an update containing the fast and redesigned Edge.

Εφόσον τρέχετε την έκδοση Windows 1803, 1809, 1903, 1909 ή 2004, θα πρέπει να δείτε ένα νέο για τον υπολογιστή σας, σήμερα ή αύριο. Η ενημέρωση επηρεάζει όλους του χρήστες των Windows εκτός από αυτούς που τρέχουν έκδοση Enterprise. Οι χρήστες, αν το θέλουν, αυτοί θα πρέπει να το κατεβάσουν χειροκίνητα.

The Edge with our Chromium came online in January, but users have so far had to download it, manually, from Microsoft website. Since then, the browser has seen some major improvements, including compatibility with Chrome extensions, a built-in web translator, and blocking .

Microsoft continues to work with Google to improve the Edge browser, even though the new Edge is already a serious alternative to Chrome or Firefox.

To date, the Edge versions are as follows:
Fixed: 83.0.478.44
Beta: 84.0.522.11
Dev: 85.0.531.1
Canary: 85.0.535.0

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