You can also download Microsoft Edge for Mac officially

Last month, Microsoft announced the trial period of its new version for Chromium-based Windows 10.


Users who want to try Edge can download one of three different versions, from the respective three different ones a. Canary which receives daily updates, Dev which receives weekly updates and Beta which refreshes every six weeks.

Of course the Canary is the first line of fire and contains all the first new Edge updates. It is of course the most unstable, since the Edge is still in beta, although to us the Canary looks very stable.

And all this applies to those who run Windows 10. To date at least, because the Microsoft Edge Canary channel now hosts the version for macOS. You can install the trial version for Mac from the Microsoft Edge Insider website.

Microsoft Edge for macOS will offer exactly the same things as the Windows version, with a different look and feel to match the look of your Mac.

In this initial release, Microsoft has made several changes to the environment ς του χρήστη, για να ευθυγραμμιστεί με τη Microsoft design while also making it feel natural on macOS.

Examples of this include a number of tweaks to match macOS, such as fonts, menus, keyboard shortcuts, title wrapping, and other areas. The look and feel of the program they will evolve in future releases as Microsoft continues to experiment, and listen to customer feedback.

In addition, Microsoft is designing Edge features that will be exclusive to macOS, taking advantage of specific hardware features available on the Mac. For example, providing useful and contextual actions through the touch bar, such as site shortcuts, switching tabs and video controls, and activating familiar gesture navigation.

Today, Microsoft officially launches the Mac Edge of Microsoft Edge Insider on the Canary Channel, where Mac users can download and try it out. Must be running macOS 10.12 and above. The Dev channel will be released very soon. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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