Microsoft Edge will soon have vertical tabs

Microsoft yesterday announced the new features of the Edge that will come in future releases. One of them is called a vertical tab and the first to get it will be internal users.


All modern browsers use a horizontal bar to display open web pages in tabs. Vertical tab logic was introduced as an extension, such as e.g. Tab Mix Plus extension for Firefox. It seems that the time has come for vertical tabs to become a permanent feature, starting with Edge.

Of course the horizontal line with the tabs will not be lost as it is superior to the vertical. Especially if widescreen or high resolution is used. The vertical space is smaller than the horizontal and thus accepts more tabs. Vertical tabs offer other advantages, as it is possible to see more open tabs at the same time without constantly clicking, making it easier to manage tabs.

Microsoft has published a new article entitled "Top 10 Reasons to Switch to the New Microsoft Edge BrowserTo highlight some of the existing and upcoming Edge features. Vertical tabs are highlighted as the second of ten reasons to change your browser.

In other words: Microsoft Edge (Chromium-based) users will soon be able to choose between horizontal and vertical tabs in the browser. All it takes is a click to change the screen and either display the open tabs vertically or horizontally in the browser.

The company in its article published a short GIF that shows the vertical tabs appear on the left side of the screen with functions such as drag and drop. And because a thousand words is an image, you may need to look at the images in the Microsoft article to understand how the new features will work.

Microsoft plans to introduce vertical tab functionality in the Insider channel in the coming months. From there, it will find its way into the stable version of Microsoft Edge browser.

The company in the same article highlighted another handy feature that is coming soon: the smart copy. Smart copy "makes it easy to select, copy and paste the exact content you want from the web, while retaining its format". Also upcoming features are: a password check that will prompt you to change it if the password was found in breaches and enhancements in incognito browsing.

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