Edge significant improvements in resource usage

You've known for a long time that Google Chrome uses too many resources on your computer. So Microsoft, wanting to avoid the same problem in Chrome-based Edge, is trying to develop a new feature.

The new feature called sleep tabs and its purpose is to ask the tabs that you do not need to release the resources they use.Windows 10 KB4541301, KB4541302 & KB4559309 Edge updates

Google Chrome already has a tab freezing feature that suspends the activity of tabs you did not click recently, but Microsoft wants to do more.

Sleeping tabs are based on the core of Chromium freezing technology. Freezing interrupts the tabs of a tab to script to minimize resource usage. "A sleeping tab continues to work automatically when you click, which is different from discarded tabs, which require the page to fully load," says Microsoft.

"Using freezing technology we developed the Sleeping tabs. This feature allows inactive background tabs to run in sleep mode, freeing up system resources after a specified period of time. These resources include memory and CPU and can be used for new or existing tabs or other applications running on your device. ”

Sleeping tabs are set to require tabs to enter standby mode after two hours, but users will be able to adjust the time from the browser settings screen. If you want a tab to work again, just click on it, and the content will be available again in the browser.

Sleep tabs will appear differently from other tabs in Microsoft Edge. They will fade to show that they are not using resources. When you click on them, the display will return to the standard approach.

Microsoft he says that tries to further enhance this feature with additional features so that users can add exceptions from the settings screen. This will allow you to create a list of sites that you do not allow to be suspended, requiring them to remain active.

According to Microsoft tests, sleeping tabs offer a significant improvement in browser performance. Memory usage appears to have dropped by at least 26% on Microsoft Edge, according to the company, while CPU usage fell by 29%.

While the first advantage of this feature is the lower resource usage, sleeping tabs will also improve battery life on laptops or mobile devices in general.

The feature is still being tested, but Microsoft says it will soon be available to first-time users via the Canary and Dev channels.

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