Editorial for thought by George K.

After the publication of the Supreme Court of the USA: NSO (Pegasus) is not entitled to immunity, which basically states what happened with the course of the judicial investigations and the moves of NSO to "get it clean," the friend of iGuru.gr and namesake Giorgos leave a comment.

We are quoting the comment because we think it deserves reading as well as due attention. Leaving the forms - inventions (see "sprayed") that define social groups lately, what remains and is proven daily is the bitter truth.

NSO, Pegasus

George says:

What the average citizen should take away from reading the above (and all the related ones that have been in the limelight lately) is that, for a long time, maybe close to 5 years, a (no exaggeration) global war of interests has been going on where the boundaries between each other are completely indistinguishable.

At the same time, due attention should be paid to the NOT EASY JUDGMENT and criticism of what we learn, read, are revealed, since there are not a few times when people of "one side" act as strongholds of the other, either wanting to muddy the waters (of the other side ) or by exercising internal "opposition" to the interests of their own side.

Particularly. It would be good not to rush to judge Elon positively (from his revelations about censorship on Twitter), Zuki positively (for his lawsuits against NSO) since we should not forget who is who and their prehistory.

Finally, not believing in conspiracies, but also densely - often not finding "press" to say and think: yes, this was said was nonsense, it was conspiracy, I would suggest to my fellow readers to think about whether it is possible that the case "wishes ” one side to present “its own” as wealthy and potentially spotless future rulers of “we need a global government and we need it now”, against the “other side” (which it also wishes to patronize "hers" on her own terms) ...

Perhaps a far-fetched guess, but perhaps not. But, if such reasoning is considered far-fetched, in the end, was not almost all of what was mentioned in the Orwellian 1984 verified? And even for this Orwell himself, who can lay his hand on the gospel for functioning as a "funnel" of resistance and uprising of the masses and not as a pre-smoother of situations?

Happy new year all over the world, with thought AND consideration, with judgment and prudence and above all with minimal (up to zero) impulsiveness.

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NSO, Pegasus

Written by giorgos

George still wonders what he's doing here ...

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