Edward Snowden: iPhone contains hidden espionage software

Edward Snowden does not use an iPhone because the cell phone contains hidden software that is unknowingly activated and collects data, says the informant's lawyer.
Edward Snowden"Edward Snowden never uses an iPhone, he has a simple phone," his lawyer told Ria Novosti. Edward Snowden Anatoliy Kucherena. "IPhone has special software that can activate itself without the user pushing a button, and gathers information about it. So he refuses to use this phone for security reasons, "Kucerena said Sputnik News, the English-speaking service of Ria Novosti.After the revelations made by 2013 Snowden for the mass-watch program by the US NSA and British GCHQ, Apple and other web giants like Google and Facebook refused to cooperate They even asked the US government to change the law on the collection of personal data.

In addition, Apple has enhanced the security of its devices and even supports the new version of its operating system, iOS 8, impossible decrypting user data by law enforcement authorities, even if they have a search warrant.

However, an NSA document dating back to 2010 has recently become public reveals that the British GCHQ was monitoring iPhone users through their unique UDIDs. Apple has abandoned the UDID system 2013.

Documents that Snowden has uncovered so far do not contain reports of hidden spyware on iPhone, but there is still a lot of material that is believed to have not been published so far.

Snowden remains in the US for a series of charges such as spying and stealing government papers. From 2013 he lives with his girlfriend in Moscow who gave him asylum and a three-year residence permit.

Editing: Vangelis Pratikakis

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