The EU causes electric cars to make noise under 20 km / h

The European Union forces July 1 to make all electric cars noise at speeds below 20 km / h.


According New Atlas article, from 1 July, all electric vehicles with four or more wheels moving in the European Union must emit noise of at least 56 decibels if they are "running" at 20 km / h or less.

This directive has to do with safety, as electric cars do not make noise from the engines on the wheels, compared to cars that have an internal combustion engine, and are not easily perceived by pedestrians. Ensuring that pedestrians can hear oncoming cars increases the safety of visually impaired people, as well as those who have a bad habit of walking the streets constantly looking at their smartphone.

Η European Union legislation requires electric cars to emit artificial sounds. They should even be combined with a "vehicle audible alarm system", which will increase or decrease the volume, indicating whether the vehicle is accelerating or decelerating. These sounds will not be very noisy, as 56db refers to the noise level of a home refrigerator, but they are able to warn you that a car is near you.

But there is an interesting detail that is missing from the new legislation: there is no reference to what the sound should be like. This opens up a whole world of possibilities. Crazy sounds from animals like hen or cow; Or maybe sounds same as those of Formula 1 that will mimic the sounds of a racing car; How about the anthem of Panathinaikos or Olympiakos or AEK or PAOK? (Depending on which city you move to).

Unfortunately, car manufacturers seem to have no sense of humor and want to make things a little safer. They work for years and most electric cars already have artificial sounds. Compared to combustion engines, a large number of electric cars (EVs) use sounds with an excellent mechanical feel.

Although something is changing in the choice of sounds, such as Nissan's new electric car, the Leaf, a new futuristic sound is coming, as you can see in the video above, we are still a long way from the sounds Marvel uses in movies. of.



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