ECAP: decision to close dozens of Greek and foreign websites

Just before we mentioned the popular Greek subtitle website Subs4free (.com) it stopped working. The page was closed by Intellectual Property Organization who passed it on his black list.

Immediately after looking for more details about the closure of this website, we came to the decision that was just published by the EEEP and concerns the EADPI.

Edited: The article was edited to correct the title. From EEEP we did EDPPI which is valid normally. We mentioned EEEP, because the decision was published on their website. The correction was made after the intervention of our reader Vasili Karkatzouni

Subs4free in this list looks like the icing on the cake, as you will notice a lot of Greek sites mentioned in the decision:

We quote everything PDF (click on PDF to read it here) and like pictures:

In the above text you will find popular names of the Greek and foreign pirate scene, from yify, yts to piratebay, to various domains of gamato (yes again),, various domains of xrysoi., teniesonline and tenies-online, and .se,,,, and,,, and other.

Read the above announcement.

Let's say that EEPC accuses Cloudflare, a CDN provider, for hosting the above sites! So relevant!

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