EETT new terms and obligations to communications providers

The new General Permits Regulation was issued by EETT, which sets new terms and obligations for electronic communications providers, with the aim of protecting the rights of telephone and Internet subscribers.

The new General Licensing Regulation significantly enhances consumer protection and forms a more functional framework for the provision of electronic communications services, adapted to modern institutional and technological requirements.


In particular, the new Regulation changes the providers' contracts with consumers and imposes on providers, inter alia, the following obligations:

  • Provide a minimum level of service to the subscriber in case of temporary or permanent interruption of services due to debts, such as receiving incoming calls, making outgoing calls that do not charge the subscriber, Internet access at a speed of at least 256 Kbps or at least access to gov websites .gr, the Civil Protection Service and the Independent Public Revenue Authority.
    To warn the subscriber about the impending expiration of his contract no later than two months before its expiration, while the prepaid subscriber, 15 days before the expiration of the prepaid value of services.
  • Do not increase the fixed asset on a fixed-term contract, except in the case of technological changes in the network. In this case, the subscriber reserves the right to terminate the contract without compensation due to the specific increase. On the other hand, the subscriber has no right to terminate, if the proposed changes in his contract do not have a negative impact on him.
  • To advise the subscriber for better current tariffs, in relation to the services provided, at least one month before the end of his contract.
  • To inform the subscriber of fixed and mobile telephony services, when there is an excess of the consumption of his program (at 80% and at 100% of the consumption).
  • Include in the contract summary information on the main products and services for end users with disabilities (eg Internet access service speeds).

In addition, with the New General Permits Regulation:

  • The procedure for calculating the early termination fee is simplified, in case the subscriber terminates his / her contract before the expiration of the fixed term of his / her contract.
  • The minimum limit is reduced, that the provider is obliged, upon the subscriber's order, to stop the provision of services, when it finds that the subscriber's charge exceeds this limit. The new limit is set at 100 euros for a monthly billing cycle and 200 euros for a bi-monthly billing cycle, from 150 euros and 300 euros respectively.
  • If the subscriber receives a package of services from a provider and wants to terminate a service of the package before the expiration of the agreed duration of the contract, due to non-compliance with the contract or inability to provide the service, then he can terminate all services of the package without compensation .

It is noted that the provisions of the new Regulation will enter into force gradually, while they will all be in full force within nine months from the publication of the Regulation in the Government Gazette.

The new General Permits Regulation is available here.

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