The Myhealth app now also displays your history

The Myhealth app for Android and iPhone phones displays your history from today, at least as long as it has been published after the activation of the online prescription.


Its owners Myhealth application now have full access to their history of prescriptions and referrals. They can now see from their mobile phones all the prescriptions and referrals that have been issued since the date the electronic prescription started.

In other words, your history can reach up to 2012, when the operation of the Electronic Prescribing System began. Until yesterday, the MyHealth app provided access to prescriptions and referrals issued from January 2020 onwards.

Through the MyHealth app the citizens:
1. They can see all the prescriptions, referrals and medical certificates issued for their AMKA (number and date of issue, doctor who wrote the document, as well as all the contents)
2. They can receive push notifications on their mobile phone for any prescription, referral or medical certificate issued for their AMKA through the intangible prescription

The above functions are also available for the protected members of each person. The application is very simple and the only condition for its use is the registration in the intangible prescription

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