A teenage Twitter hacker was sentenced to three years in prison

Graham Ivan Clark, a teenage hacker who confessed to being responsible for the Bitcoin Twitter hack, has been convicted of not one but two but 30 offenses and will spend three years in prison.

Graham Ivan Clark has been accused by US authorities of being the mastermind behind the famous Bitcoin Twitter hack, which took place last year. Under the agreement on the 30 charges against him, he will serve a three-year prison sentence in juvenile prison.

According to the New York Times, the court classified him as a "juvenile offender" under Florida law, allowing him to avoid the minimum sentence of 10 years he would have received as an adult.

Clark was arrested in July 2020 when he was still 17 years old, along with two other people, a few weeks after a Twitter hack, in which he managed to gain access to many high-profile accounts. On July 15 last year, he managed to hack into the Twitter accounts of Presidents Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Kanye West, Uber, Apple, and others, and "tweeted" that he would doubled any Bitcoin anyone sent to a particular wallet. The attackers managed to win $ 117.000 in Bitcoin before they got hit and the program ended.

The Twitter breach targeted Twitter employees with access to internal systems and tools, through which they then gained access to high-profile accounts. With the internal tools at their disposal, they changed account details, passwords, created accounts with unusual usernames, such as @dark, which they then sold on the OGUsers forum for thousands of dollars. And of course they ran the Bitcoin scam.

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