Installing a nuclear reactor on the moon

The UK space agency is funding Rolls-Royce's bid to put a nuclear reactor on the moon.

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And suddenly the world is watching a strange competition to re-land a man on the moon, with the United States, Japan and China as protagonists each trying to get their astronauts first.

However, this time it won't be a simple ride and solid infrastructure is needed to give the astronauts a place to live and work.

To this end, today, the United Kingdom's space agency announced the financing of Rolls-Royce to build a nuclear reactor that would support a future moon base.

The current £2,9 billion (~€3,28 billion) provided by the UK follows the £249.000 (~€282.000) awarded last year for Rolls-Royce's initial study.

Engineers and scientists at Rolls-Royce are working to build a nuclear microreactor, so named because of its small size and ability to operate regardless of available sunlight or location. Currently, Rolls-Royce estimates that the microreactor will reach the moon in 2029.

The funding announcement comes just two days after NASA and AXIOM Space launched the new prototype space suit which will be worn by the astronauts of the Artemis III spacecraft on the moon. NASA currently estimates the launch of the Artemis III mission in December 2025 NASA also plans to build a base camp on the surface of the Moon.

The next decade will likely see more progress in all areas related to travel to the moon. The Best Technology Site in Greece
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