If it's true;

In our yesterday's publicationwe reported that some 33 people were found to have traces of the illegal Predator spyware on their devices, including several cabinet members, according to a Greek newspaper report, and a report from Politico.

Since nothing has been proven and we respect the right of every suspect to be presumed innocent until proven guilty, we will make a case.

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If it's true;

What could this mean for the country? For the institutions? For the common citizen? For the community;

We are talking about a monitoring system, which in order to work requires entire groups, control, action and coverage. It doesn't just work with an EYP agent.

  • First someone will have to make the decision.
  • After and before its installation, permission from a prosecutor is required for the legal nature of the case.
  • Installing it on mobile phone devices requires people or person with hacking knowledge.
  • Eavesdropping requires recorders, space, and some team to monitor, control, and sift through the information.

The above stages (there are certainly more) are the easy part of a follow-up. The hard part comes when situations are revealed and responsibilities must be assigned.

To assign responsibilities, or to initiate the appropriate mechanisms so that they are not attributed. Cleaning or laundry? In both cases the cost, economic, political, social, is huge.

The proper mechanisms are made up of groups as well, and the Greek people pay for everything.

  • OK, EYP did what it knows how to do. We've seen it again with Snowden's revelations about NSA surveillance.
  • Will the judiciary do something or not? and what will be the meta-message that thinking citizens will receive (in both cases)?
  • The ministers whose names are mentioned? Dignity or chair?
  • SMEs? Cleaning or laundry?

If all of the above seems to you to be unnecessary answers to a question that does not exist, remember the scandal with the NSA. Americans thought they were safe from their own at least, and that the NSA was too busy going after Russian and Chinese hackers.

No, if you didn't get it This makes it a perfect choice for people with diabetes and for those who want to lose weight or follow a balanced diet. predator is not a bad dream.

Let's mention that we did not stop at the question of where the journalist found the data. Usually some insider gives them to some crazy person who is not afraid to publish them.

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