What is Chrome Refresh 2023 and how to use it

Google is aiming to bring small improvements with the Chrome Refresh 2023 update that is set to roll out en masse later this year. The major design update “Chrome Refresh 2023” for Google Chrome will be available on , on macOS and other platforms.

Google Chrome

Chrome Refresh 2023 already now to the testers of the Canary version through “Google Labs”.

Codenamed Chrome Refresh 2023, it refers to new design elements from Google's Material You design language, which promises to produce more personalized and customizable user experiences for various platforms and .

So Chrome will get "minor improvements". Google developers and internal flags, however, use the word "refresh" to describe the new look, because Chrome hasn't undergone a dramatic overhaul over time. Your favorite features aren't going anywhere, you'll find them where they were, as the main interface will be the same.

Here are some of the changes coming with the Chrome Refresh 2023 update:

  • Bigger and rounder toolbars, tab and menu buttons and icons.
  • A new design for the address bar and search box, also known as the main box, which will include a large button on the left side to display details about the current website, including its security status and permissions.
  • Added rounded edges for elements like text fields and popups.
  • The default color scheme for the tab bar will be light blue, and in the future you will be able to change the shades.
  • It will support multiple operating systems and devices, and the design will be more cohesive.

As we mentioned above, you can try the Chrome Refresh 2023 update before it goes live.

You will first need to download Chrome Canary to access the new Chrome Refresh 2023 look. After downloading, activate it from the internal address chrome://flags and searching for “Chrome Refresh 2023”. Alternatively you candirectly to the internal address chrome://flags/#chrome-refresh-2023

When you see Chrome Refresh 2023 set its value to “Enabled.”

Click on the URL bar again and this time type “chrome://flags/#omnibox-cr23-expanded-state-height” . Then enable “Omnibox Expanded State Height”

Type “setting: chrome://flags/#omnibox-cr23-expanded-state-shape” in the URL bar and enable “Omnibox Expanded State Shape”

Tap Restart.

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Chrome Refresh 2023

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