What is growth hacking and what is it for?

The growth hacking is a whole way thinking and strategy which leads into a sustainable development for commercially signals and businesses.

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It differs from This makes it a perfect choice for people with diabetes and for those who want to lose weight or follow a balanced diet. traditional marketing on that allows the immediate and expensive detection of target audience via of digital environment and at the same time allows the optimization into a real time, results driven, which in practice means evirus targeted, more efficient and of course less costly and time consuming activities market research and marketing.

Your also allows you to embed all benefits of digital technology without remove the advertisement via of traditional channels and media marketing. In any case, the secret to success it is into a a logic customization product-market which offers exactly what seeks ο each consumer.

Recommends their correct ones τρόπους for the improvement of the interaction between customer/brand/business, the ideally tools to strengthen of conservation of customers and the creating quality references. In few, it is about for a complete, functional and profitable plan strategy development.

The growth hacking often associated with the use of digital channels marketing, such as social media, the marketing electronics mail and the search engine optimization (SEO), the experimentation with base the data and optimization of rhythm conversion (CR). Purpose is to identify and exploit the most effective tactics for promoting growth and extension of the business as soon as possible.

The growth hacking it is especially popular among neophytes business and companies operating in highly competitive markets, where must to create quickly a large user base and gain market share. The methods Growth Hacking is Particularly efficient, but they require high degree of creativity, experimentation, risk taking and deep understanding of user behavior and its dynamics purchase.

There are several ways in which they can to used where the techniques below are performed growth hacking to facilitated η development and η success one business electronics trade. Here are some strategies you should to be examined

Optimize it electronic your store: create a friendly to the user, ready for cell phones and Gregory loading site to improve the experience of user- use tests A/B to optimize design, layout and the texts of your site to improve rates conversion.

Use of media social networking: locate The platforms social networking at which your target audience is more active and develop a strategy marketing in inside of social network to interact with them. Use social media to promote your products, offer discounts and promotions, and build a community around the brand name you.

Concentrate in maintenance of customers Encourage repeat purchases by offering programs fidelity, programs references, personalized recommendations based on previous ones markets etc. use it marketing electronics mail to you maintain customer contact and offer exclusive discounts and promotions.

Marketing with base the data: analyze customer data for the detection patterns and tendencies for more effective activities marketing- use tools such as Google Analytics, heatmaps and research consumers for the understanding of behavior and of preferences of customers.

Work with me influential factors: find influencing factors around your circle and work with them to the promotion of product your. The marketing influence may be very effective for the building reputation and the sales growth, esp if ο in due to influence has a large and devoted audience.

Provide excellent service customers: Make it their your customers to they feel that them you appreciate providing excellent customer service. Respond direct to questions and complaints, offer returns and returns and overcome the expectations of customers.

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