The pirated streaming service Soap2day was also shut down

Pirated streaming service Soap2day has suddenly announced that it is shutting down for good, causing backlash from its users on social networks. The site allowed people to watch movies and shows without paying subscriptions .

The announcement of Soap2day's shutdown came early Tuesday morning, when the site's moderators left a short farewell note on the first and deleted the content of the site.soap2day

"Hello guys," the note reads. "We have decided to close soap2day forever. We are very sorry :) Bye.”

Soap2day was extremely popular and its Twitter users are very upset about the loss. Many tweeted shock at the news, often adding GIFs of people crying. .

"First zlibrary and now soap2day, bye, you did more for cinema than many," wrote one user in a tweet with over 3.500 likes, referring to Z-Library, a library site that closed in 2022 but then came back with a new domain.

This isn't the first time Soap2day has run into trouble — in 2020, it was deleted from Google. Many suspected that the reason was copyright infringement, as it illegally allowed users to stream content for free. A Google transparency report for the domain shows that the company has received tens of thousands of requests to remove URLs from search due to copyright infringement from rights holders such as Disney and Warner Bros. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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