Artificial intelligence trainer: Are you interested in this profession?

Along with artificial intelligence came a new profession: Artificial intelligence trainer with a salary of $15 per hour gross. Are you interested?

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Alexej Savreux, a 34-year-old in Kansas City, says he's done all kinds of work in his life. He has made sandwiches in fast food. He was a watchman and a garbage collector. He has worked as a theater sound technician. These days, though, his job is less hands-on: He's an artificial intelligence trainer.

Savreux is part of a secret army of contractors who teach artificial intelligence systems how to analyze data so they can create the kinds of text and images that will impress humans.

To improve AI accuracy, it tags photos and makes predictions about the text that apps should generate next.

The pay: $15 an hour, gross... That's why he likens teaching AI, like his previous job at fast food chain Jimmy John's, which helped him stop living on the street.

The development of artificial intelligence and thus the demand for more human resources to work as trainers has given some contractors the opportunity to start asking for more pay. But this is difficult since this work is done remotely and therefore the colleagues may be at the ends of the Earth.

According to Time magazine, in Nairobi, Kenya, more than 150 people who worked on artificial intelligence for Facebook, TikTok and ChatGPT voted earlier this week to form a union, citing low wages and the mental toll of the work.

It specifically said that in January OpenAI relied on low-wage Kenyan workers tasked with flagging text that contained hate speech or sexually abusive language so that its apps could better identify toxic content on their own.

Such as the online news agency Semafor reported as of January, OpenAI has hired about 1.000 remote contractors in places like Eastern Europe and Latin America to label data or train the company's software on computer engineering tasks.

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