3 cases of child pornography via internet were investigated

(2) nationals were arrested and criminal cases of spontaneous procedure were filed against them, while a regular procedure case was formed against another national for cases of child pornography via internet.

The Cybercrime Prosecution Directorate and the Cybercrime Prosecution Sub-Directorate of Northern Greece investigated (3) cases of child pornography via the internet, for which cases of spontaneous criminal proceedings were filed against a defendant and a case against a defendant (2) days.

In particular, the first case was investigated in the context of legal assistance to the French authorities, in order to locate an internet user, who allegedly asked a minor, through a social networking application, for photos and videos with child pornography.

The other two cases were investigated after using information from the National Child Exploitation Coordination Center based in Canada, according to which internet users, within the Greek territory, possess and distribute child pornography material.

For these two cases, a digital analysis of data and digital data was performed, during which the electronic traces in question were identified in our country. The information that emerged was brought to the attention of the Athens Prosecutor's Office and a committee was issued to lift the secrecy of communications.

Following the preliminary investigation and following relevant correspondence with the involved internet service providers, the details of the involved persons and their home internet connections were disclosed, while their place of residence was also verified.

During the investigations, where a total of (4) hard drives and (4) mobile phones were found and confiscated, the involvement of (3) locals in the cases was identified. In fact, from the on-site digital search of the confiscated digital evidence of (2) locals, a number of files (photos and videos) of child pornography were found, acts for which they were arrested within the limits of the spontaneous procedure.

The confiscated digital evidence will be sent to the competent Departments of the Directorate and Sub-Directorate of Criminological Investigations for further laboratory examination.

It is noted that the (2) locals with the cases that were formed against them were taken to the competent prosecutorial authorities, where they were charged with criminal offenses and referred to main trial.

The regular procedure case file that was formed against the other national, was submitted with the regular procedure to the competent Prosecutorial Authority.

It is recalled that citizens can contact, anonymously or anonymously, the Cybercrime Prosecution Directorate, in order to provide information or to report illegal or reprehensible acts or activities carried out via the Internet, at the following contact details:

telephone: 11188
Sending e-mail to: [email protected]
Through twitter: @CyberAlertGR
Through the web portal of the Hellenic Police (
Through the application (application) for smart phones (smart phones): CYBERKΙD



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