Airless bicycle tires with technology from NASA

Ohio-based Smart Tire Company has launched a Kickstarter campaign for the of airless, shape-memory bicycle tires created in collaboration with NASA.

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According to New Atlas, The Smart Tire Company before years, developed airless and shape memory bicycle tires. These tires can now be purchased through a Kickstarter campaign.

Technology etaken from NASA which had already applied the same technology to the tires for the planetary rovers it has sent to the planet Mars. This technology lies in hollow tires with air at atmospheric pressure, meaning the air they contain is simply not under pressure, nor is it required for the tire to keep its shape.

The shape of the tire is maintained by a one-piece spring that runs all the way around the tire. This spring is made of a nickel-titanium alloy with a shape memory known as Nitinol, which is described as strong like titanium, yet flexible like rubber.

When NiTinol is put under pressure, it initially deforms but then returns to its original shape. This feature allows the tire to gently compress and bounce, providing a smooth ride, just like a pneumatic tire.

The spring is surrounded by a poly-rubber material that forms the transparent tire sidewalls and replaceable tread. when it wears out.

According to the company, while the tread may need to be replaced approximately every 8.000 to 13.000 km, the main tire should last for the life of your bike.

Smart Tire Company offers a road/gravel tire in 700 x 32c, 35c and 38c size options. The 35c model reportedly weighs 450 grams, which is about the middle of the weight range for comparable pneumatic tires.

They also mention that this first version of the tire will be fixed stability, but future models may allow users to increase stability by pumping more air. So they'll be semi-spiritual, but you'll never see them in full bloom.

When the company reaches its financial goal by October 12, 2023 and the tires go into production, $500 will get you a set of tires and retreading them will cost about $10. Potential supporters should note that the estimated it's not next June. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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