Electric helicopter completes its maiden voyage - video

A few days ago, on November 17, an electric helicopter named VC200 said goodbye to the floor of a hangar in Germany and successfully completed his maiden voyage.

According to Inhabitat , the helicopter did all the way to a height of about 22 meters, stayed for a few minutes and then returned to the ground.

The e-Volo engineers who designed and built the helicopter reported that it behaved exactly as expected, which means that it remained quiet throughout its flight and that it also moved in the air surprisingly fast.

This helicopter is just a prototype, and will probably be ready for widespread use in a few years.

The difference of this electric helicopter, according to with the manufacturer's website, is that due to the design of its propellers does not require the pilot to be trained in time consuming and very expensive navigation courses. That is, the housewife on the third floor will be able to easily pick it up and go shopping για

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