e-skins that feel the touch of a man

The Electronic skins (e-skins) they are not new to the world of information technology, they are electronic materials that are like human skin with far more qualities.

Some of them are to change colors and act as portable screens or have heating capabilities with thermal control.e-skins

Korean researchers have succeeded in adding the "smell" capability along with human touch detection.

There have been many previous attempts to build e-skin which is as close as possible to a human organ, however, this new design brings ever closer efforts to achieve this goal.

Researchers at the Global Frontier Program of MSIP have come up with an e-skin "smell" that feels both touch and smell. This e-skin has been created with mechanical properties of nanocomposite materials and can simultaneously detect biological and haptic stimuli, just like human skin.

This new development not only can help robots have a flexible electronic skin like humans, but they can also smell the things around them and perceive tactile stimuli just like humans.

From then on, it can also help in the development of medical applications, which will be extremely useful when it comes to skin grafts in the event of an accident or burns.




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