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Elevator to the Moon and airship for the exploration of Venus

Space lift is one of the oldest dreams of science fiction, but the possibility of its actual construction has begun to be considered for years, as it would greatly facilitate the activity in Space. In the case of the LiftPort Group (Seattle), such a construction concept is being considered for the transport of loads to and from the Moon.

According to a article, such a program would use existing technology and would be based on simple principles.
According to a article, such a program would use existing technology and would be based on simple principles.

According to a article, such a program would use existing technology and would be based on simple principles. The basic concept is a "vehicle" that will move up and down on a cable, moored / "moored" to the moon's surface, and allow "soft" landscapes on the Earth's satellite.

In particular, the vision of the LiftPort Group includes launching a missile from the Earth into a special manned space facility (PicoGravity Laboratory) at Lagrang, where the load is shifted to the Moon. The program is called LSE (LSE) and, according to the LiftPort Group, the transfer of people to the Moon will be possible from the very first years of operating such an installation.

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As LiftPort Group chairman Michael Lane says on, progress has been made in the program, as the Moon has attracted intense interest over the past year.

As stated on the LiftPort Group website, the objective is to make the Moon economically accessible for exploration, colonization and extraction of natural resources.

Robotic airship for the Aphrodite skies


On the concept of a large unmanned airship that can roam in the heavens of Aphrodite for up to one year, engineers from Northrop Grumman and L'Garde work. According to, the Venus Atmospheric Maneuverable Platform (VAMP) will be able to fly for long periods of time, combining airplane and aviation technologies and gathering information about Venus and its atmosphere.

The VAMP will be a large, but concurrent, lightweight inflatable aircraft with a 46 meter wing opening. In the plan of a possible mission, it includes transporting it to spacecraft orbiting and then developing and inflating while it is still connected to the "motherboard". The vessel will then be released and will enter the planet's atmosphere smoothly without the need for much protective equipment.

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The vessel will fly at a height of 55-70 kilometers using solar engines a day and suspended at lower elevations after sunset. Its load may vary from 20 to 200 pounds, depending on the height at which it is intended to fly. The data collected will be transmitted to the 'mother ship' in orbit around Venus, helping the scientific community to understand how the planet turned from a potentially capable of supporting life billions of years ago the world at very high temperatures "Hell" is today .

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