Greece in the first AORUS Modding Challenge

Η GIGABYTE AORUS, manufacturer Gaming hardware, organizes one Modding Challenge event in which Greece, Turkey and the Adriatic region participate.

This is the first time that such an event is co-organized by these three regions. The AORUS Modding Challenge provides an opportunity to its fans modding PC to demonstrate their skills and creativity in its space PC building.

The competition is held between three selected teams representing each region. Each group was given the same basic equipment, consisting of the motherboard Z790 AORUS MASTER (MPS), graphics card GIGABYTE 4080 GAMING OC, Kit memories AORUS DDR5 32GB, AORUS January4 5000E 1TB SSD and power supply UD1000GM.

The teams had complete freedom in choosing the theme, design and techniques they used in their constructions. The result was three unique and visually impressive pc builds which highlight its dynamics AORUS hardware

The AORUS Modding Challenge is part of its ongoing commitment GIGABYTE AORUS for her support Gaming community. Providing to Gamers the most modern hardwareThe AORUS is committed to providing the ultimate experience Gaming to all its customers.


The team representing Greece in the event consists of the top team PC modding, Overchilled PC builds, the professional gamer/streamer Pun1sher and the musical artist and Gaming streamer Mg mindgames.

The competition is fierce, with each team using their own unique techniques modding to create some of the most innovative and visually stunning PC builds that we have seen. The fans have the opportunity to vote for their favorite build of the three, at social medium of AORUS, In Facebook and Instagram. Plus, a lucky one of those who will vote for their favorites PC build, will have a chance to win one GIGABYTE M32UC Gaming monitor.

Her representative AORUS in Greece stated:

“We are excited to co-host it AORUS Modding Challenge together with Turkey and the Adriatic region. This is the first time such an event has been held and we are excited to showcase the talent and creativity of the teams. The teams have shown incredible skill and dedication in delivering some of the most creative and visually stunning PC builds that we have ever seen. We wish all teams the best of luck and look forward to seeing who emerges victorious."

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The AORUS Modding Challenge is just one of the many initiatives developed by AORUS for her support Gaming community. Providing players with the most modern hardwareThe AORUS is committed to providing the ultimate Gaming experience to all its users. We encourage everyone to follow and support their loved ones modders throughout the event. The vote for the favorite build of his friends Modding Challenge will soon be available on her social media AORUS, so stay tuned!

For more information on
AORUS and its products, visit the website The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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