Call for 2017 OFFICER participation

The Organization of Open Technologies (EELLAK) establishes a team for participation in the Annual National Cyber ​​Defense Exercise 2017 organized by the Cyber ​​Defense Administration (DGIC) of the Hellenic Republic and invites those who are interested in participating to express their interest as natural persons or as a group in the future εδώ here, to Monday April 24.OFFICER

The exercise this year will be held from 29 May - 2 June 2017. The team that will be set up will participate in the exercise using only open source tools. Participation will take place on handheld personal computers per participant and the first meeting of the team will take place in early May.

Participants will be given the scenarios of past exercises and will test and prepare the tools before exercising.

The goal of the team is to participate in all scenarios as well as to maintain it after the end of the exercise.

The PUMP exercise is organized by 2010 and involves more than 200 people from the Armed Forces and Security Bodies, the Academic Sector and the Research Centers, the Public and the Private Sector. The Best Technology Site in Greecegns

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