Greek Agenda - Celebration for Android

An Android application calendar, notebook and many other functions combined with a beautiful and practical user interface.


In detail, the "Agenda" includes:

* Calendar: Simulation of the desktop calendar with sunrise and sunset, Moon phase, Orthodox calendar, list of names celebrating or having a birthday as well as reminders stored in the device calendar.
* Monthly calendar: Pocket diary simulation.
* Celebration: Complete calendar with the ability to add a name by the user and search for a holiday by name and date.
* Contact holidays: Find holidays from device contacts.
* Birthday contacts: Find birthdays from the device contacts and add birthdays by the user.
* Contacts with many holidays: Select the date on which a contact whose name appears in the calendar appears on more than one date.
* Contacts without celebration: Select the date that a contact whose name does not appear in the calendar will be displayed.
* Facebook Contacts: View your Facebook friends managing their holidays as well as device contacts
* Easter: All mobile holidays for the New and Old Orthodox calendars.
* Easter calculation: List of next and previous Easter dates for the New and Old Orthodox calendars as well as the Catholics.
* Lent.
* Sunday: The Apostolic and Evangelical passage every Sunday with a rendering in the modern Greek language.
* Holidays: The official holidays of the year for Greece and Cyprus with calculation of four days and three days
* Like today: Facts, births and deaths for each day of the year.
* World days.
* Moon: Visual representation of the Moon and various astronomical elements.
* Time change.
* Notebook: Offers complete note management. Notes are saved in the device's calendar application and notification if selected is made by it.
* Teachings of elders.
* Various quotes.
* Name recognition mechanism in greeklish.
* Notifications for contacts and birthdays of contacts.
* Topics: 4 different color combinations.
* 3 widgets - 3 additional widgets are available in the Pro version. The Best Technology Site in Greece
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